essay on whether child hygiene campaign is successful

Children are the future of any country. These children grow up to be responsible citizens of the society and the nation. Hygiene is very important for everyone and hygiene should be important in every child in the country. Hygiene is essential for good health, hygiene and prosperity in your life. The Child Hygiene Campaign is a campaign launched by the government to educate children about the importance of hygiene and to inspire and inspire others. I have presented here a long essay on this subject, which can be very useful to students of schools, colleges and competitive examinations.

Long essay on whether child hygiene campaign is successful in English

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Cleanliness is essential for the prosperity of any nation. Lack of hygiene is the root cause of various diseases, bad environment and unhygienic conditions around us. In order to increase the value and importance of hygiene among the children of the country, a child hygiene campaign has been launched in the form of Swachh Bharat Mission. Every parent should inculcate hygiene in their children.

Child Hygiene Campaign

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi launched the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on October 2, 2014. Through this campaign, the campaign was started by Narendra Modi to remove open defecation, uncleanliness and piles of garbage. The Child Hygiene Campaign has been launched as part of India’s Clean India Campaign. The campaign is overseen by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday was inaugurated on November 14, 2014 by Union Minister Smt. Maneka Gandhi.

Every year November 14 is celebrated as Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday ‘Children’s Day’. This campaign was started on the day of Children’s Day to make it important and useful. The period 14 to 19 is observed as Child Hygiene Week. All the children celebrate Children’s Day with great enthusiasm, so this festival will help the children to understand the importance of cleanliness.

Parents and educators teach and teach children about personal hygiene and environmental hygiene or the hygiene around them. Many school and college students rally on this day to make people aware of cleanliness. These children clean the courtyard, schools, roads, parks, etc., so that the example of cleanliness can be set before the society and also the environment can be kept clean.

In order to create awareness among the students about hygiene, on this day, speeches, essay writing, poster making, quizzes, street plays etc. are organized by the school children at various places to make the people aware about hygiene.

Child Hygiene Campaign Blue Print

The following are included to successfully complete the Child Hygiene Campaign. This five-day hygiene week covers a variety of hygiene schemes. Various programs are organized by the students to emphasize the importance of cleanliness and all aspects of cleanliness. Which are classified as follows-

  • Cleanliness of school and premises

Under this campaign, the first day of school is dedicated by the students for cleaning the school premises. A healthy and clean environment around you will help you feel good and keep you healthy.

  • Clean food

The second day is related to cleanliness and hygiene before meals. Each student should wash their hands before eating. This will keep the students germ free and help them stay healthy.

  • Self-cleaning

The third day is celebrated as Self-Hygiene Day. Personal hygiene is very important and necessary for living a good and healthy life.

  • Clean drinking water

On the fourth day pure drinking water is emphasized. Impure water is the root cause of many of our diseases. We need to control water pollution so that clean water reaches all of us.

  • Clean toilet

On the fifth day the toilet is asked to be kept clean. Dirt should be thoroughly cleaned by flushing after defecation. Clean toilets give you the message of good health and hygiene.

Objectives of Child Hygiene Campaign

Children are the future of the nation. The concept of hygiene taught to children from childhood will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Many schools, especially in villages, do not have proper sanitation, clean drinking water or toilets. The main objective of this campaign is to create awareness and awareness among children and people about their personal hygiene and cleanliness around them.

It emphasizes on the hygiene of students and keeping them in good health. Provides an example to students and others of the value and importance of cleanliness and hygiene. The best way to explain things to people is to set a good example for them. Students are promoting the campaign through skits, street plays, poster displays etc.

Benefits of Child Hygiene Campaign

Here are some of the benefits of a child hygiene campaign:

  • The campaign raises awareness among children about hygiene.
  • This leads to hygiene habits in children.
  • Awareness about hygiene will also increase among other elders when they see young children and they will emphasize on hygiene around them.
  • If the surroundings are kept clean, both dirt and disease will be reduced and everyone will be healthy.
  • If children develop the habit of clean food, drinking water, clean toilets, they will be able to lead a healthy life in the future.

Under this campaign, students have become so aware that they have made it a habit to throw garbage in the rubbish bin instead of throwing it here and there. Now they all prefer to use clean toilets and don’t forget to flush the toilet after use. The ill effects of hygiene and unsanitary conditions are now being felt by children and the public. All of them know the various diseases caused by unhygienic conditions and that is why they all follow the rules of hygiene and good health.

Child Sanitation Campaign Success or Failure,

The Child Sanitation Campaign comes under the Swachh Bharat Mission and is one of the largest sanitation campaigns in India. The Child Hygiene Campaign focuses primarily on the health, hygiene and sanitation of children in schools. It’s about promoting hygiene and making it accessible to more people. If a campaign is implemented only after looking at the basic premise and its causes, it will definitely be successful.

The Child Hygiene Campaign is the most successful campaign to date. This has been successful because most of the people are participating in the program with students from different schools with their high spirits. Our Prime Minister, top officials, health care providers, officials of various schools are also involved in promoting the child hygiene campaign. That is why we can say that no campaign is successful unless it is carried out in the right direction.

The campaign has raised awareness about hygiene among school children, especially in rural areas. So they are well versed in various aspects of cleanliness and people are also inspired by them and everyone has started adopting cleanliness. That is why we can say that the child hygiene campaign has been a complete success, but we need to continue our efforts.


The Child Hygiene Campaign is basically about children’s hygiene and cleanliness. This campaign is great to make the students and youth of the country aware of the bad consequences of pollution and unsanitary conditions. In addition to adopting hygiene rules, students will also teach others about good hygiene habits and its importance. Various events and meetings are organized from time to time to make this campaign a success.


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