Essay on Effect and importance of our thinking in life

Essay on importance of our thinking in life: The greatest difference between us humans and animals is our ability to think, or rather, our ability to think is a gift or gift from God, for which we all humans have always been grateful to God and will continue to do so. Even there. But did you know that there are many ways of thinking, which you usually call good thoughts, bad thoughts, positive thoughts, or negative thoughts?

But you may be surprised to learn that only a small percentage of the population has a good or positive mindset, and that is what makes them happy. Today in this series we are going to read an essay on positive thinking which is going to be very beneficial for you and especially for your thoughts.

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How successful we are in life or whether we can achieve our goals depends entirely on our thoughts. In fact, our thinking is our true personality and behavior, which comes out physically in front of people and in the same way we get respect in society. What we say, what we do, and how others react to it depends on our thinking. In fact, our thoughts are a reflection of our personalities.

Types of thoughts

In general, ideas are divided into two types-

  1. Positive thinking
  2. Negative thoughts

Positive thinking (Positive Thoughts / Thoughts)

Our positive thinking is the belief that we can solve even the most difficult situations in life. Patience is the strength of our positive thinking, even in difficult situations. The courage to do any hard work comes only from positive thinking. The more positively you do any work, the more accurate and successful that work will be. Lack of positive thinking in difficult situations in life can cause many to lose their balance and cause a lot of damage. The secret to the success of all successful people today is their positive thinking. Positivity is not only the key to your success but also your good health.

Negative thoughts (Negative thoughts/thoughts)

The thought of ‘I will not do it before doing any hard work is called negative thinking. People with negative thoughts start to get worse and negative thoughts also have a very bad effect on our health. Negative thinking makes us fall into the trap of failure and sets an example of a loser in society. It is a sign of negative thinking to sit back and run away from the situation without facing the difficulties of life. It is also an example of negative thinking to predict the consequences of any action without consequences.

The influence of your thinking in life

Positive thinking is always higher than negative thinking in any society. Positive thinking is free from fear and frustration. He is always ready to work hard without worrying about the consequences, and the effect of his positive thinking is evident in his life.

  • Your thoughts affect your work Your thinking has a direct effect on your work and your work creates your identity in society. Whether our work is good or bad depends entirely on our good or bad thinking.
  • The effect of your thoughts on others People with positive thoughts are like the sun in society, people who come in contact with them also shine with positive thoughts like them. If you stay with a person who thinks negatively for a few days, you will start to run away from work, anticipating his bad consequences before you do anything like him.
  • The influence of your thoughts on your success How we think about any task has a direct effect on its success or failure. If you make a mistake in your work, it will work, but if you have a good idea behind it, then it will be successful tomorrow, not today.

The importance of your thoughts in life (Importance of your thoughts in life)

Your thinking is more important than the work you do in your life because your work will be meaningful only when it is done with good and positive thinking. Simply put, our thinking is a very important part of our personality. The importance of our speech in our life is more important than our thinking by which we choose the right thing in the right place.

  • The importance of your thoughts in difficult situations in life Everybody’s life is going to be difficult one day or another, but how you get out of that situation depends on your thinking. If our thinking is positive then we can find a solution to that problem as soon as possible but if we keep thinking negatively then we cannot save ourselves from that problem without the help of a positive thinking person.
  • The Importance of Your Thoughts in Life’s Competitions – In today’s world full of competition our thinking plays an important role. Winning any competition is not only a good idea for you but also participating in that competition and daring to compete with your competitor is an example of your good and positive thinking.
  • The importance of your thoughts in your society How you are viewed in society, how much you are respected in society, it all depends on your own thoughts and ideas. When we put our words in society, how people react and how much people in the society agree with our words, it all depends on our thinking.

How your thinking sets you apart from others (How your thoughts make you different from others)

Once upon a time, two friends, Mangal and Mantu, were returning home from the forest. As he reached the middle of the forest, he saw the bush in front of him moving. Mantu said to Mangal, “No, it must be a man-eating wolf. Listening to Mantu speak, Mangal said, “She is a wolf, a bush can be moved by the wind or it may be another animal, how can you say without looking, don’t think too much and keep going, your village will come soon.”

Mantu says, “No, no, I don’t want to be the victim of that wolf. I’ll go home by the road.” Annoyed by Mantu’s behavior, Mangal walked towards the bush. Mars takes the baby goat in her lap and goes home with him.

The next day, when Mantu arrives home exhausted, Mangal points to the goat and says, “Hey Mantu, your man-eating wolf is eating grass and you are afraid of him, coming from twice the distance.” Hearing all this, Mantu begins to regret his thoughts and shyly steals his eyes and walks away. So the lesson we learn from this story is that our thinking will be positive and positive only when we are ahead of others in any situation.


If you want to be successful in your life or to be an ideal person in society, you must always keep your thinking positive. Negative thoughts can lead to frustration for yourself and others. Every person who wants to succeed in life should complete his work with positive thinking. We should always strive to be friends with the person who thinks positively so that his thoughts affect us and we move towards success like him.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 – What is thought?

A. Thinking is the original copy of our nature.

Question 2 – What is the identity of a positive person?

A. Such people are always happy and healthy.

Question 3 – What is the identity of a negative person?

A. Such people are always stressed and depressed.

Question 4 – What are the benefits of positive thinking?

A. Positive thinking leads to success.

Question 5 – How is your thinking identified?

Ans: Your thinking is determined by your behavior.

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