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Essay on how the Population Control Bill: In view of the fact that the population of India today is more than the population of China, some states in India are adopting new rules to control the population. In this context, the Uttar Pradesh government has taken an important step by presenting the draft population control to the public and has also invited their suggestions on the draft.

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At present, Uttar Pradesh alone is the fifth most populous state in the world. With this problem in mind, A.K. N. Under Mittal’s leadership, Uttar Pradesh population control has been drafted.

What is Population Control Draft 2021? , What is a population control draft 2021 Of UP,

The Population Control Draft submitted by the Government of Uttar Pradesh will apply to married couples in which the age of the child is not less than 21 years and that of the girl child is not less than 18 years. After the implementation of this draft, it will be mandatory for the citizens of Uttar Pradesh to have only two children. It doesn’t matter how many children you have before this law is passed. Under this law, if a person has only two children and then signs an affidavit or voluntarily undergoes sterilization, he/she will get various government benefits.

Under the Act, if a State Government employee has more than two children after signing the affidavit, he will be dismissed and the person will never be able to apply for any appointment with the State Government. The bill also stipulates that if a person has more than two children after the law is passed, he or she will never be considered eligible for appointment to the state government or stand for election of any kind. Enabled. After the enactment of this law, only four persons will get a ration on their ration card no matter how many children a person has.

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As the population level continues to rise, so does the question of employment and resources. 30-40 years ago, jobs were available to the people in such a way that people with no higher education and good marks were getting government jobs. But today the situation has deteriorated to such an extent that apart from government jobs, there is also a shortage of employment in the private sector.

Given the limited resources and economic condition of the country, it has become imperative to control the population. If the problem of this population could not be solved in time, we may have to face a dire situation from today. Maybe we can get some help from this law being brought by the Uttar Pradesh state government.

How is the Population Control Bill useful for sustainable development? (How the Population Control Bill helps in sustainable development)

Facing the problem of a growing population is a big challenge. Which cannot be handled by a single individual, family, or society. To meet this challenge, every citizen of the country needs to understand the challenges we are facing due to our growing population. Everyone has to realize that we have limited resources and if we do not use them properly, our future generation may be deprived of many pleasures.

With the introduction of the Population Control Bill, population growth will be curtailed and if people follow it properly, we will be able to stem the tide of population growth over time. The success of this bill will increase employment, which is the biggest problem of today’s youth. When the population is controlled, you will have the right resources, which will help in the development of your country.

How will the population control draft help or harm the community? (How the Population Control Bill helps or harms the society)

If you compile a list of developed countries today, you will notice that the most developed countries are those with a small population. The way the state of Uttar Pradesh is growing, it seems that Uttar Pradesh will soon overtake the rest of the countries in the population list. Along with population growth, unemployment and hunger are also on the rise in Uttar Pradesh. If the Population Control Act is successfully implemented, soon everyone will be able to get employment and adequate resources in Uttar Pradesh.

Due to limited resources, it is very difficult for a large population to live a happy life. The lack of adequate facilities for all leads to chaos in the society, which is one of the major reasons for the rise in crime in any society. To build a good society, it is essential to have a small population and be educated.

For example, you might think that a small family is always happier than a large family. Even a small family can survive with limited means but a large family suffers due to lack of facilities. This draft is going to be beneficial for us and our future generations. But the government needs to help those who understand their responsibilities to build a better future.


Just 20 years ago, the population of Uttar Pradesh was 165 crores in 2001 but today the population of Uttar Pradesh is 21 crores. We need to take this rapidly growing problem seriously. Otherwise we will not be able to give anything to our coming generation except unemployment and starvation. We should all adopt the Population Control Act as soon as possible and every citizen should abide by it strictly. Whether such a law applies or not, we must take care of our own future and adopt a “two offspring policy”.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 – When did population control start in India?

A. The first national family planning program was started in 1952.

Question 2 – In which country was the world’s first population control program implemented?

Answer: The world’s first population control program was implemented in India.

Question 3 – When and who established World Population Day?

Answer: World Population Day was established by the United Nations in 1989.

Question 4 – What is the current population of the world?

Answer: According to the latest United Nations estimates, the current world population is 7.9 billion as of July 2021.

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