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Essay on wisdom in English: We are all created by God in the same way. Man is a unique creature created by God. Only humans have the power to think. We are all given the same intelligence, but some of them are very smart and some are just like ordinary people. An intelligent person is one who has the ability to think, to learn, and to use his knowledge or intelligence at the right time.

Short and long essay on wisdom in English

Essay – 1 (500 words): Characteristics of intelligence


All humans have the same intelligence. Through his intelligence or intelligence he understands the various situations in his life and moves his life accordingly. It frees us from the problems, troubles and other kinds of troubles in our life. It is given to us by birth, but from birth it exaggerates in some people, which is known as a gift from God.

What is intelligence?,

The intellectual capacity of any person is called intelligence. The person who has the ability to learn, understand, reason and apply according to his situation is called intelligence or intelligence. This intelligence or trick is innate in some, while in others it is derived from the experience of the situation around them.

Characteristics of intelligence

We all have the ability to learn from birth which we call intelligence. When, where, how we use this intelligence and the knowledge we get, we call it intelligence. It is a process of reasoning, contemplation, contemplation and decision making that we learn and apply from the circumstances around us.

From birth, our intellect is constantly evolving and it lasts a lifetime. As children we learn simple things. As we get older, our learning ability increases. This is what we call intellect, it lasts 8 to 12 years. After this, your intellectual capacity continues to grow horizontally throughout the ages. This means that our physical development stops but we can increase our intelligence through our experience and skill.

Not only do we gain intelligence or intelligence from books, but it also enhances our knowledge, reasoning, environmental analysis and its use. We can say that with our experience and our skills, we can further increase our intelligence. This experience and knowledge helps us to succeed in adverse situations in life.

Use of intelligence

Our intellect starts developing from birth. Your parents and teachers make you mature at an early age. He teaches us everything based on our experiences and we move forward in our lives on the strength of this knowledge.

As we age, our intelligence and intelligence develops through experience. As you grow older, your intelligence is reflected in your thinking, understanding, imagination, and the use of your knowledge in the right place. Some knowledge we get from books and some knowledge we get from life experiences and skills. As we grow older our intelligence and knowledge both develop and we use it in different situations of life based on our experience.


In difficult situations in life we ​​use our knowledge and experience very wisely through our intelligence. In any critical situation, we need to use our knowledge, thinking, ingenuity, etc., so that we can get out of that critical situation easily and we will not be harmed.

Essay – 2 (1000 words): The importance of intelligence in your life


We all use our intelligence in various aspects of our lives. An intelligent person seeks solutions to that crisis with thought, logic and thought. I have detailed below how a person uses his intelligence in his life.

Types of intelligence

Based on the ability of knowledge and experience, intelligence is classified as follows-

  1. Knowledge Relatives Intelligence

There are some people who have knowledge of all subjects and fields. Such a person is called wise. For example – Pandit, Saint etc.

  • Location Relatives Intelligence

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about our region. For example, the guide.

  • Memory Relatives Intelligence

Some people’s memory is very fast, some of them do not forget quickly. The events of the past are forever etched in their minds.

  • Argumentation Relatives Intelligence

Not everyone has the ability to reason. This type of person is aware of every aspect.

  • Oral speech Relatives Intelligence

There are many people in the world who impress people with their voice or ability to speak. Such a person shows his intelligence in his speech.

  • Music Relatives Intelligence

Some have a good knowledge of music and they acquire musical intelligence through their experience and skills.

We can also classify intelligence based on various aspects.

  1. Real intelligence
  2. Imaginary or logical intelligence
  3. Social intelligence
  • Real intelligence

We are different from each other in all physical and mental qualities. Not everyone has the same intellectual capacity. Some of us have sharp or sharp intellectual abilities, some are normal and some are weak. These differences are innate.

Real intelligence means that a person is born with a sharp intellect. His intellectual capacity is intense in every field. In fact, it is inherited from birth. His ability to learn, to understand, to think is very fast. He gets all this knowledge from books, gurus and his own experience. It shows the general intellectual capacity of the person.

How smart a person is depends on his mentality and age. Based on this, we can find out the true intelligence of that person. Real intelligence is the ability to look at objects and make accurate predictions. This type of intelligence is inherent in engineers, farmers, bricklayers, etc.

  • Logical intelligence

Logical intelligence means thinking or imagining something. Such intellectuals are scientists, doctors, mathematicians etc.

  • Social intelligence

It connects the individual to society. Through this intelligence, the person understands the social environment better and always tries to overcome social complications. Such people have good knowledge of society and courage to fight against all kinds of problems. For example, social workers, businessmen, leaders, etc. are people with social intelligence.

Wisdom – How to get it in life,

Everyone is the same, but they differ in physical appearance and intelligence. From birth, the intellectual capacity of some is very fast, they learn anything very easily and fast, while the average person cannot do it. An intelligent person has an amazing ability to learn, understand and think. He easily answers questions about any object.

He can easily get out of difficult situations in life and solve them, whether the situation is personal or social. He has a wonderful art of thinking, understanding and solving. Which he learns from books, situations and society according to his age. He acquires knowledge through books and uses it wisely in life.

He acquires some of the knowledge he has acquired from social experience and from the experience of others. A person also uses his experience to increase his intelligence. That is why it is said that only an experienced person is intelligent and this is true. Because he learns everything from the circumstances of his life and seeks solutions to his problems.

How can we increase intelligence?,

Any ordinary person can increase his intelligence by acquiring knowledge of more and more subjects or areas for growth and this knowledge he can get from books, his logical experience and practical experience. The knowledge gained from the books will help you to cope with your situation. This actual experience will be his, so his intellect will be stronger.

He can solve your problem by following the advice given by his father or guru. This will make it easier for him to deal with experiences and situations. What he says should be accepted based on his reasoning and it will be completely successful. This will make the person’s experience stronger.

There are many problems in the society, man can find a solution to that problem by using his thinking power and intelligence. In this way he will gain social intelligence. A person can solve any problem with the help of his intelligence and logic. This will give him experience as well as help him cope with the situation and make the person smarter. Some situations are personal to him, which he can solve with his own knowledge and experience. In this way he can further enhance his true intelligence.

Intelligence is essential to your life,

There are thousands of problems in this modern age and all of these problems have a huge impact on human life. One needs to use one’s intellect, conscience and experience to get rid of these problems. Whether the problem is small or big, it affects life. Intelligence is essential to face these problems.

Suppose you could not fully prepare for your exam and your exam is approaching. In such a situation you feel that you will not be able to pass the test and that will lead to depression. But the smart student will not be afraid of such a thing and will try his best. He will repeat the subjects taught in his class and repeat the things taught in his mind. In the rest of the time, he will prepare his subjects as best he can. In the end he will give his test positively and he will definitely succeed in it. In this way the student used his knowledge, discretion, thought and experience needed in everyone’s life.

So we can say that intelligence is very important for our life. With our intelligence, knowledge and conscience we can easily solve the problems in our life. With increasing age and experience, our intelligence will increase more and more and through that we can help others, contribute for the betterment of the society.


In this scientific age, one’s own intelligence is essential to make life successful and easy. It helps you to be free from difficult situations in your life. Knowledge, intelligence, skills, logic, experience increase our intelligence. A person with his knowledge and experience matures in his intelligence with age. This helps him to solve his life and social problems easily.


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