Bruce Willis Biography

Studying Bruce Willis’ biography will give you insight into the personal life of this famous actor, as well as how he got started in the business and how his fame has blossomed since then.

On October 29, 1886, Dr. Willis published a letter on the subject of bruxism and sleep. He had asked for such a consultation, after a friend of his had been diagnosed with tinnitus and was prescribed “a great quantity of calcareous chloride and a strong dose of collycogine.” Willis was skeptical about the efficacy of these drugs, as they would obviously help him sleep; but did not really have a better alternative. He reported that his friend’s tinnitus went away after the tics were stopped, and “he never again heard any noise in his jaw.” Willis concluded that tics are often caused by an imbalance of chemical or brain chemicals in the brain and mouth, so the drugs prescribed would be a temporary remedy.

The result of Willis’s research was a series of articles in American Journal of Psychology and Neurology (later renamed American Journal of Sleep Medicine) entitled “Bruxism and Sleep.” In these articles, Willis suggests that it is possible to induce sleep through bruxism. This theory did not gain much support at the time, but in subsequent years it has been proven to be valid. Bruxism, generally speaking, is a grinding action on the teeth, which can cause them to be pulled into the socket. Willis’s hypotheses were, essentially, that there is a certain part of the brain that tells the jaw when it should be moved, and if the brain is temporarily stimulated, then it could be prevented from doing so by the underlying problem. It is thought that this happens through the “reward” centers of the brain.

Bruce Willis

The reduction of bruxism is thought to be a way to address the sleep deficiency. There is also some evidence to suggest that it may help to prevent depression. At present, there is little evidence to support the effectiveness of bruxism techniques as a cure for depression. There have been some encouraging results of treatment programmes and some patients have made a full recovery.

Full NameWalter Bruce Willis
Date Of BirthMarch 19, 1955
Birth PlaceIdar-Oberstein, Germany
Height6′ 0”
Weight93 Kg
Marital StatusDemi Moore ( m. 1987; div. 2000)
Emma Heming ( m. 2009)
Occupationsactor, producer, and singer
MoviesDeath Becomes Her
Pulp Fiction
12 Monkeys
The Fifth Element
The Jackal
Mercury Rising
The Sixth Sense
Sin City
Moonrise Kingdom
The Expendables 2
Awards Golden Apple Award
Maxim (magazine)
American Cinematheque
Hasty Pudding Man Of The Year
Golden Camera Award
Hollywood Walk of Fame
New Jersey Hall of Fame

Early life

Bruce Willis is known to play both heroic and anti-heroes. He has also been known to play sides of himself, we do not often see on screen, which makes him a versatile actor. And it is that versatility that brings us to a review of his early life and his life as an actor in the early years in the spotlight. We get to learn about his early years in the spotlight and learn about his rebellious beginnings that left him with many scars.

The Early Years in the Spotlight begin with the character of Jaws. This was one of the first movies that he acted in after being discovered. And it was his role as a shark hunter that got him noticed by Steven Spielberg. But he did not take any time at all to be noticed. He was flying out to L.A. for a part and was assigned to play a CIA agent named John. He was so late for the filming that he was due to fly back to New York that night. The scheduling did not permit him to change planes so he had to wait until the next day.

When he finally arrived in L.A., he began to star in a series of commercials. He also appeared in quite a few movies from this time until he received his big break with his part in Willis starring in Die Hard. Willis has had more than his share of early roles, such as the character of “Tony the Tiger.” Tony was just a playful and cuddly dog until he had his snout bitten off. His life went downhill from there and it was only the triumph of Willis in the film that saved him.

Personal Life

Since everyone is different, Bruce Willis has often been subject to speculations about his political or religious views. He generally seems to have distanced himself from these kinds of conclusions, but there are some associations that we can discern from his personal life and the actual projects he has worked on, which indicate a particular attraction to Christianity, as well as to some other religious groups. Bruce Willis and his family certainly were not silent about their political views. They were active and outspoken in their support for Democratic and Republican Presidential candidates and to varying degrees, were supporters of George Bush and John McCain.

For example, Bruce Willis has praised Ronald Reagan several times in his speeches and movies. He is particularly pleased by Ronald Reagan’s statement that he had “not always been a Conservative.” He also praises Reagan for insisting that AIDS could be treated in the developed world. Bruce Willis and Evelyn “Taz” Williams were both ardent supporters of President Carter. Bruce Willis and Evelyn “Taz” Williams have many wonderful grandchildren who they see from time to time. Bruce Willis loves and supports his second wife Barbara Streisand, who is a Liberal Democrat and indeed supports most major Democratic politicians.

His daughter Evelyn Streisand’s maiden name is Claire Bruce, and his son from his first marriage, Rob Streisand, is a Republican; his son, Chris Streisand, is a self-described “Libertarian” and is an active supporter of Ron Paul. Bruce Willis has taken a lot of criticism over the years for his views and associations. He has been dismissed as a right-wing extremist, he has been labeled a closet Liberal Democrat, and he has been accused of being a Catholic in disguise. Most often, his detractors seem to be motivated by his personal life.

Military interests

Dr. Bruce Willis, star of the famous action movies such as The Lost Boys and Die Hard, is an important figure in some very important circles. Willis first became the public face of military interests when he left his job as a surgeon to join the Army. The trouble is that he was not cleared for this duty, which made him the subject of suspicion by the CIA for years. He has now started a new career in politics as a senator representing Louisiana.

The question of whether Bruce Willis has really returned to the forefront of international affairs or if he’s simply working for the CIA will probably never be answered. What we do know for sure is that Willis has apparently kept very busy since leaving the U.S. After leaving the U.S. he traveled to Europe, took on some well-known roles in film and television and at the same time joined the board of directors of a company that makes fork lifts. All these things make a strong argument that Bruce Willis was in fact cleared for his military duties. Of course, nobody could really prove that but the fact remains that Bruce Willis is very much in the public eye and he may still be.

The presence of Bruce Willis is a definite indicator that the public still has much to learn about foreign affairs. You can never tell for sure what kinds of organizations are involved and what the agendas are. Yet there are some things that Willis seems to have made clear. Willis’ politics may not necessarily mean that he still has a vested interest in the military and it doesn’t seem likely that he would be the sort of man to turn down a chance to kill a big game.

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