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Youtube is going to make a big change and you have to read this news to know that change… ..

  If you are also one of the video creators who has a problem with dislikes, then this news is for you. YouTube has said that both the like and dislike buttons were introduced experimentally, but now people are taking advantage of it and increasingly targeting more than a specific person or channel by displacing them. In such a case, it is now supposed to turn off the dislike count, i.e., the dislike button will appear, but how many people have disliked will not appear.

YouTube has tweeted that it is going to close the dislike count soon, although the dislike button will look the same as before. The company has also shared screenshots about the new update. According to the company, video creators will benefit from this. YouTube says removing the disliked count will get creators a real response.

Last month, YouTube decided to levy a tax on YouTube creators outside the U.S. Have met. The point to note here is that American producers do not have to pay taxes.

Simply put, if you are a YouTuber from India and someone is watching your video in the US, you will have to pay tax on YouTube for your earnings from these views. YouTube's new tax policy is being implemented from June 2021, i.e. May 31. The company has also made a video about the new rule and shared it from its Twitter handle.

YouTube has also asked video creators to submit tax information to an AdSense account. Most importantly, if you do not file your tax returns by May 31, 2021, the company will reduce your total revenue by 24%.

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