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Vodafone Idea has become an expensive postpaid plan up to 100 rupees.

 Last month alone, Vodafone Idea's family postpaid plans cost up to Rs 100, though the increase was made in a few circles, but now the company has announced the plans in all circles across the country with a new plan. Vodafone Idea's two entry-level family postpaid plans are now priced from Rs 598 to Rs 649 and from Rs 699 to Rs 799. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kolkata and Maharashtra and Goa were the first to increase the prices of these schemes.

Vodafone Idea Family

Postpaid Prices New Vodafone Idea has raised the family postpaid to Rs 598 and Rs 699. Now the prices of these two schemes have been raised to Rs 649 and Rs 799 respectively. In all these circles, Vodafone's new postpaid plans are now priced at Rs 649,799, Rs. 999 is Rs.948 and Rs 1,348, while in other circles it is priced at Rs. 598 is Rs 749 Rs.899 and Rs.999.

In the Rs 649 family plan, two connections are available, out of which 50 GB is available on the primary connection and 30 GB data is available on the second number, i.e. 80 GB data is available in this plan. Under this plan, 200 GB of data can be forwarded on the primary connection, while 50 GB of data rollover is available on the second number. In both the schemes, there is a facility to send 100 SMS per day with unlimited calling.

Now if we talk about Vai's family postpaid plan, it has three connections of Rs 799, it has the option of three connections. 120 GB of data is available on the first connection and 30-30 GB of data is available on the other two connections. The data rollover facility in this plan is similar to the Rs 649 plan. The plan also has the facility to send 100 SMS per day with unlimited calling on all networks.

If we talk about the third plan family plan of Rs 999, it has five connections. It gets a total of 200 GB of data out of which 80 connections get primary connection and all others get 30-30 GB data. With all these plans, V movies and TV subscriptions are available. Apart from this, Amazon Prime also gets one year subscription on primary connection, one year ZE5 Premium subscription and one year Netflix subscription.

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