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Viral- Actress Parineeti Chopra also came out in support of Delivery Boy.

 The feud between the delivery boy and the female customer of food delivery company Zomato has gained momentum these days. It is discussed everywhere in the country. While some people are telling the woman the truth, some people are telling the delivery boy's statement to be true.

 Parineeti tweeted, "Zomato India-Please check the reality and tell." If that person is innocent then please help us to punish that woman. This is inhumane, shameful and heartbreaking. Please let me know how I can help you. Users have applauded Parineeti's appeal.

Let me tell you, the delivery boy who attacked Hamila after canceling the order has been arrested in Bengaluru. The Bengaluru DCP has confirmed this. Online food delivery company Zomato has come up against an employee version in an attack by an employee. Hitesh Chandrani, a model and makeup artist from Bengaluru, Karnataka, claimed that Ethel, an online delivery boy, allegedly attacked her because she complained about late meals. Now the matter has taken a new turn.

Parineeti has also given her opinion on the matter. At the same time getting married on the workfront is part of many films these days. Her film The Girl on the Train was recently released on Netflix. The trailer of the movie Saina has been released a few days back. Apart from this, Parineeti Sandeep Or Pinky is also working in Farar.

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