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Tips and tricks: Learn how to mute a video while sending it on WhatsApp.

 Many types of messages are sent and forwarded on TSAP. This includes videos, photos, GIFs and others, but sometimes some videos contain sound that is very disturbing and sometimes very loud. With this problem in mind, WhatsApp allows you to mute any video before sending it, so let's learn how to use this feature.

How to mute video on WhatsApp

First of all, let us tell you that the feature of Muting Video has come for both Android and iOS users. This feature is already present on Facebook and Instagram. So first of all you have to update your WhatsApp app. Then either record a video or choose to send a video already lying in the phone.

When you try to send a video, you will have the option to edit which will feature cropping etc. Apart from this, when you send a video, you will see a small speaker icon in the frame of the video, by clicking on it you can mute and unmute the video.

After this, you can comfortably mute the video at your convenience. If you still don't see the option to mute the video, you'll have to wait a bit, as the company is slowly introducing this feature update to everyone.

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