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The second season trailer of Zakir Khan's Sachha Vidhahak Hai Hamare has been released and…

 Zakir Khan aka Ronnie Bhaiya is back with the second season of 'Chacha Vidhahak Hai Hai' to give you a taste. The season will begin on Amazon Prime Video from Friday. Fans of Zakir Khan are very much looking forward to the show and the release of the trailer of the show on Thursday has boosted the enthusiasm of Zakir Khan fans this season.

In the first season directed by Shashant Shah, Ronnie Bhaiya called MLA Sahib his uncle, when in fact he had no relationship. This season they are facing the MLA face-to-face. In the trailer, in the familiar game of politics, the legislator is often seen trying to discredit Ronnie, but Ronnie's jealousy, his self-confidence, and his biggest weapon in the circle of his friends. This dialogue of the trailer is becoming a big hit, 'Kahani Chhoti Hai Hamari is also its hero.

Sharing his excitement about the new season, Zakir Khan says, "It took us a full two years to make a comeback in the new season, as we want to present the best content to our fans and viewers who have always supported me." I am thrilled to release Season 2 of Uncle MLA Hai Hamare on Amazon Prime Video. I am really nervous and excited to see the global premiere of this show and look forward to seeing the response the show has received.

Saki Hinduja, Zakir Hussain, Kumar Varun, Vyom Sharma, Abhimanyu Singh, Alka Amin, Venus Singh and Onima Kashyap are playing the lead roles in the second season of Chacha MLA Hai Hamare starting from Friday. The show is written by Zakir Khan and even in the trailer people are seeing a glimpse of his humor.

The second season of 'Chacha Vidhayak Hai Hamare' is coming up against all new aspects of social and political story, this time Zakir Khan is also looking tough. The legislator has presented his nephew in front of him. This could lead to a new twist in the story.

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