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The good news for Vodafone Idea customers is that now you can recharge through WhatsApp, Learn How.

 If you are a Vodafone Idea customer and always worried about getting recharged, this news is for you. Vodafone Idea has given its customers the facility to recharge through Whatsapp. You can also recharge from any UPI platform except Whatsapp. Both postpaid and pre-paid customers can avail this feature of Vodafone Idea. The biggest advantage of this feature will be that customers will not have to scan many apps for recharge. Let's find out now.

How to recharge Vodafone Idea customers via Whatsapp The

first task is to save the phone number 96542-97000 first. After this, go to WhatsApp and message "How to pay the bill". After this, there will be an answer from the company with many options and you will be asked whether you want to pay with Whatsapp number or any other number.

If you want to pay with this number, send 1 in reply and then 2. So if you become a postpaid customer, then by clicking you will get a link on which you can pay. With the link you will find many payment options.

If you are a pre-paid customer of Vodafone Idea and want to recharge, you must first write how to recharge my number. You will then be asked for the first recharge plan and then you will get a link to the payment gateway via message. After this, you will be able to recharge by paying.

Let us know that recently, Vodafone Idea has released the increased prices of its Family Postpaid plan in all circles across the country. Vodafone Idea's two entry-level family postpaid plans are now priced from Rs 598 to Rs 649 and from Rs 699 to Rs 799. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kolkata and Maharashtra and Goa were the first to increase the prices of these schemes.

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