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Shraddha Dangar and Bhavin Bhanushali starrer - Aishwarya Majumdar and Divya Kumar's melodious song "Vhalo Lage" teaser released,

 The teaser of the song "Whalo Lage" for which Vani Music has been working hard for two years has hit the Vani Music YouTube channel. The song is produced by Ankit Paghdal. The song is sung by popular singers from Gujarat and India Aishwarya Majumdar and Divya Kumar. Sandipa Thesia has written this love song and story with very beautiful words. Music plays a major role in making any song beautiful and the music of this song is provided by Smit Desai. In this song, Shraddha Dangar and Bhavin Bhanushali will be seen in the incarnation of Radha-Krishna. The song is directed by Ankit Sakhiya and choreographed by Kunal Odedra.

Any love song can express the love of two lovers very well. Radhakrishna's love is world famous while his love is presented through a beautiful song. Here in this sweet love song, the love story of Shri Krishna and Radha is shown. Love is an expression that can be expressed through emotion and emotion, but when the same emotion is expressed through tone and words, that love emerges in a somewhat different way. The voice music has worked very hard in this song. Shraddha Dangar, a popular actress from Gujarat, and Bhavin Bhanushali, who is playing the lead role in many serials and songs, will be seen in the song "Vhalo Lage".

Radha, who has a beautiful and simple nature, will see the love story of naughty Kanuda in the form of a love song. The teaser of the song "Whalo Lage" will be seen on a YouTube channel called Vani Music. The teaser of this song has become very popular among the people. Vani Music has released a teaser of the song and the song "Whalo Lage" will be seen on Vani Music YouTube channel soon.

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