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Santwani Trivedi and Malhar Thacker were seen in the small desert of Kutch, what do they both want to say?

 Gujarat's famous singers Santavani Trivedi and Malhar Thackeray recently appeared in the desert of Kutch. The two are roaming in the desert of Kutch but it is not yet clear what they are doing there? However, photos of the two are also going viral on some social media pages. But no accuracy has yet been set by these two artists. However, he will know in the near future what Santwani Trivedi and Malhar Thackeray are doing in the desert of Kutch.

Santvani Trivedi is a well known singer from Gujarat who has gained popularity from all over Gujarat by composing folk songs in a different style. He has sung many popular songs like Vaadya Vadaladi, Unchi Talavadi, Rupani Janjari, Vhalno Daryo, Veri Varsad, Maru Man Mohi Gayu. In addition, many original album songs are coming in the coming time of Santwani. While Malhar Thackeray gained popularity in Gujarati cinema through his last day Urban Gujarati film. Since then he has given many hit films like Cash on Delivery, Saheb, Sharato Lagu and Golkeri. While Malhar will be seen in the upcoming film Wikida's Horse, Saffron and Dhuadhar. It will also be seen in a Gujarati webseries in the near future.

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