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Instagram is once again bringing a new feature for its users, you have to read the news for what that feature is

 Facebook-owned Instagram is now working on a new feature, which will then allow Instagram users to save their stories in drafts. About 500 million people worldwide are currently using Instagram Stories and the number of users is increasing daily.

Previously, Instagram has introduced many features for stories including GIFs, stickers, background music, etc. Now after the new update, if you don't want your stories to live right away, at the moment you only have the option to save, but the disadvantage is that only the stories are saved, the text and emojis are finished, but the new updates Then you can save everything in the draft.

This feature of Instagram is provided by Adam Moseri, the head of Instagram. He has given information about the new feature on Twitter. Many others besides Adam have also shared screenshots of this feature.

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